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Favorite Thing: Posts & Presos of 2008

"I think think, I think think, I think think, once in a while"

-Paul Westerberg

If you missed my blog this year or just want a quick summary of my favorite posts and presentations see below  - in full fledged chronological order!


On-Site Targeting: Crawl, Walk, Run Strategy

AdMonsters Keynote: Can Display Advertising Survive the Web?

(There is also a companion post below)

Landing Page Utopia: 7 Lessons from Google


Platforms, Applications and the Future of Digital Marketing

The Power of Brand to Influence Outcomes or Why Brands Will Always Rule Digital

The Dawn of Semantic Ads

Expert Guide to Multivariate Testing Success (In 6 Parts)

Can Advertising Survive the Web?

Mashing Up the Value of Ads & Content

How Semantic Ad Apps Deliver Relevance to Implicit, Explicit & Latent Intent

Think Like a Search Engine – APIs & User Control

The Two Modes of Delivering Relevance: Value Ad & Net-New

Capturing the Gorilla: New Ways to Quantify the Value of Search

What a ride.


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