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Introducing the NML - The National Marketing League*


Wouldn’t it be great if there were a professional marketing league? It could literally be the best media property in the world, NFL be damned. I know I would follow it very closely and even place a wager or two.

Owners would form teams of digital marketers across different verticals. Team members could include marketers in display, search, social media, email, etc.

Games would take place over certain periods of time within the verticals (How cool would a “Holiday Shopping” Email game be?) Teams would present their validated results/stats to the league in analytics reports and by further statistical analysis/ normalizing all the results across campaigns over periods of times (the games) winners would be declared and points awarded. Seems feasible, no?

At the end of the season (presumably a year) an All Start team, MVP, Rookie of the Year etc. would be announced. The winning team would get Cash prizes (from the Sponsors) and a ton of new clients and the Winning Advertisers would get great Brand PR.

The league would have a website with updated standings and stats and interviews with the marketers, advertisers and publishers. The technology being used in the campaigns could be talked about in-depth and of course videographers would capture everything so the “games” can be serialized and watched (after they are completed of course).

There are a lot of people that suck at online marketing but cowards (although always present) are not welcomed in marketing to begin with. If I know one thing in marketing first hand it’s that the best marketers are highly competitive people.

I’m throwing myself in as Commissioner so who’s with me?

* I’m having a little fun on a Friday but I’m only half joking so if you’re seriously interested in Ownership or being a player and don’t think I’m out of my mind feel free to drop me a line.


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I love the idea! :)

Great idea. Count me in.

"If I know one thing in marketing first hand it’s that the best marketers are highly competitive people."

You got that right!

As long as I don't have to compete against an agency with 40 people and more resources than I can bring to bear, I'm for it. Do we have divisions? ;-)

Great idea Jonathan - I would definitely participate

I agree that communication is still important!

Thanks for posting!

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